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I love to hear from my clients and pupils when they are happy with my service BUT, it also helps me to improve when I hear about things that could have been done better.

Potential clients also tell me it helps when they can read what other people thought about my work so it would be really appreciated if you could leave a review for me below.

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Why will it not show immediately? Unfortunately, there are many idiots in the world who think it is funny to leave profanities and offensive comments all over the internet. As I work with many young children who should not be exposed to such things I prefer to vet all comments before they are displayed on this page.

Please tell me a little about your experience with my service

Latest Reviews...

Luke has been tutoring my son in media studies for a while now and I throughly recommend him. My son struggles to engage with new people, Luke makes every session fun and interesting and listens to what my son wants to do and work on and he really looks forward to each session and he is learning so much! Luke is very knowledgeable, smart and punctual.

Vivienne Okey

I was put in touch with Luke via a request I made on social media for someone to help my son learn 'How to become a YouTuber'. Due to limited knowledge in this area, we wanted someone who would teach him how to be safe. He had been asking for years and it was time to let him take his first YouTube steps. Luke was excellent with my son. He clearly understood exactly what was required and the first of the three session package we bought, was solely on internet safety and security. Both my husband and I were invited to sit in, as indeed we were able to for all the sessions. Luke is calm and relaxed and was very good with my son. Luke was very engaging and spoke my sons language!! ;) I would very much recommend Luke and Luke Wilson Media, and we are very grateful for his time (often running over without a bat of an eye) and patience. Thank you Luke.

Lorraine Moynihan

My daughter and a friend have been having weekly video editing /filming lessons with Luke for the last half term. My daughter has really enjoyed learning the basics of Premiere Pro and is very much looking forward to the next half term of classes! She is home educated and is very picky when it comes to tutors. She thinks Luke is great as he is very good at explaining things and very approachable, should she need something explained in more detail.

Samantha Birley